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We will find a solution that is right for you


Care management solutions specific to your organization

We have implemented solutions for clients in a wide variety of settings such as Appeals and Grievances, Behavioral Health, Case Management, Disease Management, Enrollment, Long Term Care, LTSS, Medicaid, Medicare, Medication Therapy Management, Population Health, SNP, Social Services, Specialty Pharmacy, Third Party Administrators, Utilization Management, Wellness Management, Workers' Compensation, and COVID-19 (novel coronavirus disease).

Doctor working at laptop with clipboard and stethoscope


Take advantage of our revolutionary interface

The true benefits of CaseTrakker can be experienced via its incredibly robust user interface. To stay current with the changing marketplace and honor our commitment to deliver superior products, we have incorporated a variety of features that promote collaboration and result in higher levels of productivity.

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Incorporate the content you need to be effective

We have ongoing partnerships with leading providers of clinical content tools  to provide seamless integration with the  tools used and referred to every day. Automatically access, reference and link guideline outcomes and education materials to support care management activities and reporting.

People working together with laptops


Implement a Portal to provide secure access to CaseTrakker data

CaseTrakker Portals allow clients to extend communication and collaboration across the member’s entire care team for improved efficiency and outcomes. Portals are commonly used for authorization requests and management, referrals, completing HRAs, accessing education materials, messaging care teams and reporting.  Portals are created and tailored within the platform toolset by CaseTrakker clients to meet the specific needs of each Portal audience.

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Integrate data with other systems and sources

It is essential users have all the information necessary to be as productive as possible within care management.  Availability of data from other systems or entities such as enrollment and eligibility, demographics, provider data, Claims and PBM data, and predictive analytics not only improve workflow efficiency but increases accuracy in care management outcomes.   The CaseTrakker open platform provides various data interfacing mechanisms such as web services, APIs, EDI and configuration tools to create imports, extracts or bi-directional data exchanges within the enterprise and external sources.

Person working on charting data
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