CaseTrakker Product Overview
Experience the capabilities of a time tested care coordination application.
CaseTrakker products provide a comprehensive care management solution designed to ensure that your users always have the most up-to-date information and the tools to manage their members efficiently. Within this software, you are able to:

  • Track and manage case activity.
  • Authorize services.
  • Deliver assessments and care plans.
  • Generate letters dynamically with appropriately merged data.
  • Interface with external criteria sets.
  • Produce a wide assortment of reports.
  • Automate your workflow to support the case manager and increase efficiencies.
  • Use dynamic logic that will display only data relevant to the current scenario.
  • Employ save validation that can guarantee records will be saved with all of the necessary data.
  • Integrate with external systems so users have the data necessary to complete their task.
Consider how exciting it would be for your users to have their processes streamlined and their productivity improved.

Take advantage of our revolutionary interface.
The true benefits of CaseTrakker can be experienced via its incredibly robust user interface. To stay current with the changing marketplace and honor our commitment to deliver superior products, we have incorporated a variety of features that promote collaboration and result in higher levels of productivity. The following capabilities are available through the CaseTrakker product:

  • Develop Process Pages so all of the tools necessary to complete a process are available in one place.
  • Collaborate via Corkboards for quick and easy access to records with a smooth transition between users.
  • Monitor fax queues.
  • Jointly oversee a pending email box.
  • Review unit productivity through the use of graphical charts updated dynamically as statistics change.
  • Integrate with your phone system to track and document phone calls automatically.
  • Use RSS Feeds to quickly and easily broadcast messages to your entire group.

Implement a Portal to provide secure access to CaseTrakker data.
The CaseTrakker Portal is a lightweight version of the CaseTrakker Dynamo product that can be used with any browser or operating system. This allows everyone from Case Managers to Members, Providers and Clients to perform the types of actions listed below directly from any computer. As with CaseTrakker Dynamo, every user type can be granted a unique screen layout to access only the capabilities that are needed by those users.
Examples of actions that might be completed by different user groups:

  • Members: View health records and test results, Complete HRA and HRQ assessments, Request and review educational materials, Update their demographic information and Contact a Provider or Case Manager.
  • Case Managers: View member summaries, Access their appointment list, Complete assessments, Review and document outcomes and Coordinate additional care services.
  • Providers: View their current patient listing and authorizations, Submit Prior Authorizations, Upload associated medical records, Review patient summaries and demographics and Update their provider profile details.
  • Clients or Customers: View employee care activities and outcomes, Submit program referrals for at risk employees and Access real-time summary reports.
As you can see, the CaseTrakker Portal allows your company to easily reach a larger audience and conveniently puts valuable tools and data at the fingertips of your users and customers anywhere at anytime.

Integrate our reporting tool into your solution.
ReportWriter allows you to create any report you can envision, ranging from very simple listings to incredibly complex outcomes and demographics. Reports designed in ReportWriter are automatically linked to your CaseTrakker database and can be scheduled and distributed at set intervals to further automate your business processes.
Complete ReportWriter Overview

Comply with HIPAA and CMS Regulations.
Our software continues to meet industry standards for securing data by adhering to HIPAA and CMS regulations.
HIPAA and CMS Compliancy Overview

Improve your customer service capabilities with CaseTrakker Disconnected.
CaseTrakker Disconnected allows you to take CaseTrakker with you into the field. Access and update actual data while at an off-site location and then integrate it directly back into your CaseTrakker database when you return to the office.

Real-life examples of noteworthy implementations.
Here are several examples of benefits that our clients have realized through the use of CaseTrakker:

  • Bi-directional integration with existing pharmaceutical system for pharmacist review, case management, compliance tracking, cost savings and real time price quoting. This implementation capitalized on CaseTrakker's ability to seamlessly display information from multiple external databases, systems and applications.
  • CaseTrakker data generation from scrubbed data via integration with predictive modeling tools. CaseTrakker can integrate with predictive modeling data to identify members who need to be actively case managed and automatically creates cases, letters and tasks for them.
  • Single patient data tracking system across multiple customers with complex contract and business rules. CaseTrakker was used to consolidate dozens of Excel spreadsheets and Access databases to one unified system resulting in a threefold increase in daily patient record reviews.
  • Manage time tracking and billing needs directly in CaseTrakker with integration to an enterprise wide Accounting application.
  • Unique views for different types of users allow you to quickly create very customized screens, without knowledge of special programming skills, that contain data input fields and displays based on the users' needs.
Imagine how responsive your users could be with all of these capabilities at their disposal. Request a demo to view how these features set us apart from the competition!