About CaseTrakker and its Partnerships
CaseTrakker has a long history of building solid, stable care management solutions.
In 1990, IMA Technologies was founded as a solutions-oriented technology company. A need was realized in the marketplace for a flexible case management software that would put control and maintenance of the product in the hands of the organizations. We have always believed that the best way to guarantee the success of our customers is to give them the capability to instantly respond to their changing needs for data and reporting.

The CaseTrakker product was officially launched in February 1994 at the Case Management Society of America Conference. In the years since its official launch, IMA Technologies has strived to continually update its CaseTrakker product line to meet the current demands of the marketplace. It has created a solid product that focuses on providing stability, quality and affordability to its ever-growing customer base.

Our company culture promotes hard work and long-term partnerships. When you purchase a CaseTrakker product, you join our family and will experience first hand the dedication and enthusiasm that we put into making you successful. Our Consulting Services and Support teams strive to respond timely to all needs and inquiries and continually exceed your expectations.

As a leading provider of care management software, we can guarantee that the dedication of our staff cannot be surpassed and the capabiltiies of the CaseTrakker solution will exceed your expectations.

CaseTrakker is proud to be an ACAP Preferred Vendor.
CaseTrakker is honored to participate in the ACAP Preferred Vendor program. We have spent many years serving the Medicaid and Medicare communities and understand the unique challenges that the ACAP plans face. We have the experience and and the software solution to help you thrive in the current healthcare industry.
The Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) is a national trade association representing 58 nonprofit safety net health plans in 24 states. The ACAP Preferred Vendor Program provides streamlined access to pre-qualified vendors in areas of interest specific to ACAP plans. Each vendor has been sponsored by an ACAP plan and approved by all the ACAP plans.

We partner to provide a product that incorporates the tools you need to be successful.
We have partnerships with several companies to provide a seamless integration with tools that you use and reference everyday.

MCG Health independently develops and produces evidence-based clinical guidelines and software used by more than 1,700 clients, including more than 950 hospitals, seven of the eight largest US health plans, and 25 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid audit contractors. Covering the continuum of care, the seven-product Care Guidelines series is updated annually by an expert team of clinicians and are used to support the care management of a majority of Americans.

McKesson is America's oldest and largest health care services company, with its pharmaceutical wholesaling roots dating back more than 175 years. McKesson's vision is to help create a health care system where quality is higher, mistakes are fewer and costs are lower. As the nation's leading health care services company, we provide pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and health care information technologies that make health care safer while reducing costs. McKesson touches virtually every aspect of health care.

Insignia Health knows that every individual can become more engaged in their own health and disease management if they receive support and education based on an understanding of what they are capable of taking on. Insignia applies its proprietary Patient Activation Measurement® (PAM®) to assess each individual’s current knowledge, skills and confidence. Validated by more than 100 peer-reviewed research studies and used by leading health plans, hospitals, clinics, medical homes, Medicare and Medicaid agencies and pharmaceutical firms across the country, PAM empowers coaches and clinicians to engage patients, improve health outcomes, and better control costs.

Healthwise is a nonprofit with a mission to help people make better health decisions. It is a simple mission and one that it has been loyal to since the day Healthwise was founded in 1975. Medical science has changed. Technology has evolved. Its partnerships have multiplied. But its mission remains the same. To support this mission, Healthwise develops health content and patient education solutions for the top health plans, care management companies, hospitals, and consumer health portals. Healthwise content and tools now reach around the world, from Alaska to Africa.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we have demonstrated that we meet their highest standards for technical expertise, strategic thinking and hands-on skills. Our partnership guarantees that we receive premier tools and support to ensure that our product is the best possible.