What We Do
Cost Effective Solutions

CaseTrakker's comprehensive Care Management software includes an extensive collection of tools to meet all of your health management software needs - from Care Management to Utilization Review and everything in between. Our products provide the tools necessary to streamline core business operations and increase efficiency, cut costs without compromising care management and increase workforce productivity without overwhelming employees.

CaseTrakker has been successfully implemented in a variety of settings including: large HMOs, PPOs, Medicaid and Medicare plans, ACOs, Third Party Administrators, Specialty Pharmacy and Workers' Compensation organizations.

We will increase your overall customer satisfaction and create bottom line results for your care coordination organization.

How We Do It
Innovative Implementations

CaseTrakker allows Health Care and Social Service organizations to successfully manage member care through collaboration with providers, payors, referral agencies, and facilities. Our solutions incorporate extensive automation capabilities with highly efficient tools to help make these partnerships graceful throughout the entire continuum of care and across all touch points. We recognize that every Health Care organization is different. Whether you are a boutique special needs agency or a diverse multi-site healthcare enterprise, CaseTrakker helps you put members first by delivering better, faster and more proactive customer service.

Together we can streamline your business. Request a demo and experience our cutting edge solution first hand.

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ACAP Preferred Vendor
We are an ACAP Preferred Vendor

The Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) is a national trade association representing 58 nonprofit safety net health plans in 24 states. ACAP’s mission is to represent and strengthen not-for-profit, safety net health plans as they work with providers and caregivers in their communities to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable populations in a cost-effective manner.

The ACAP Preferred Vendor Program provides streamlined access to pre-qualified vendors in areas of interest specific to ACAP plans. Each vendor has been sponsored by an ACAP plan and approved by all the ACAP plans and understands the unique needs of ACAP plans serving Medicaid, Medicare and CHIP populations.

CaseTrakker is honored to participate in this program.